Molecular basis and functional diversity of TOUSLED kinase


  • Hashimul Ehsan* Department of Biology, University of Houston -Victoria, 3007, N. Ben Wilson, Victoria, TX 77901


TSL, TOUSLED-like kinase (TLKs), Asf1


TOUSLED (TSL) gene initially identified in the model system A. thaliana, and later in numerous organisms, played diverse role in replication, chromatin remodeling, DNA repair for normal growth and development. In Arabidopsis and human, this kinase activity fluctuates during the cell cycle and interact with several substrates however the molecular mechanism of this gene regulation remains it its infancy. Although TOUSLED kinase and TOUSLED-like kinase (TLK1 & TLK2) research is increasingly advancing in particularly cell cycle studies, more research is needed to fully explore its functional role in cell division. This review will focus on a succinct description of this kinase during the cell cycle and as well as its interactors during the growth and development. Regardless of its progress, TOUSLED kinase has potential during the cell cycle but have yet to uncover furthermore using Arabidopsis cell suspension culture as a model system.


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