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Phylogenetic analysis of Bangladeshi population with reference to D1S80 VNTR locus

Abu Ashfaque Sajib, Sabina Yeasmin, Masuma Akter, Muhammed Aftab Uddin and Sharif Akhteruzzaman*

Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000.

ABSTRACT: Phylogenetic studies were conducted with reference to a highly polymorphic VNTR locus, D1S80 in a Bangladeshi population sample. Allelic distribution and genotype frequencies were studied for the locus among 146 unrelated Bangladeshi individuals. A total of 22 alleles were detected with repeat units ranging between 14 and 38. D1S80 alleles showed a tri-modal distribution and alleles with 18 and 24 repeats were the most common in Bangladeshi population with frequencies of 0.212 and 0.127, respectively. Seventy different genotypes were detected in the studied individuals of whom 76.7% were heterozygous. Comparison of allele frequency distribution with seventy-one other populations placed Bangladeshi's along with Tamils and Panjabi's in India in a clade separated from the rest.

KEYWORDS: D1S80, Bangladeshi population, allele frequency, genetic relationship

CITATION: Sajib, A. A., Yeasmin, S., Akter, M., Uddin, M. A., Akhteruzzaman, S. 2016. Phylogenetic analysis of Bangladeshi population with reference to D1S80 VNTR locus. Biores Comm. 2(1), 146-151.

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