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Occurrence of Pathogenic and Multidrug Resistant Salmonella spp. in Poultry Slaughter-House in Bangladesh

Samina Momtaz1,Otun Saha1,Masuma Khatun Usha1,Munawar Sultana1,M. Anwar Hossain1,2*

1Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh,2Vice-Chancellor, Jessore Science and Technology University.

ABSTRACT: Salmonella is a diverse food-borne and zoonotic pathogen. The route of transmission is cardinal for surveillance and epidemiological investigations. The present study was conducted to characterize circulatory genotypes and pathogenicity of MDR Salmonella spp. from poultry slaughter house. Three swab samples from slaughterer's hand and poultry residual container were collected from a slaughter-house of Dhaka city. Of these, 7 isolates were confirmed as Salmonella spp. by phenotypic and molecular analysis. All seven isolates showed positive result for invA genes. Virulent genes (stn and sopB)specific PCRpresented13.3% and 6.66% positive isolates, respectively. Genotyping using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis exhibited six genotypes. Phylogenetic analysis and sequencing from each genotype exhibited close similarity to Salmonella enterica, S. Anatum and S. bongori from the slaughter hand and container swab. Antibiogram profiling presented 100% resistance to ampicillin and 83.33% to imipenem. This study recommends that dispersion of MDR and pathogenic Salmonella spp. from poultry slaughter house may pose threat to public health if goes unchecked.

KEYWORDS: Salmonella, Slaughter-House, RAPD, Virulence, Antibiogram

CORRESPONDENCE: Mohammed Anwar Hossain, PhD,


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